Shoreline Voters Show Up For Town and City Elections

NBC Connecticut

Polls in Connecticut opened up at 6 a.m. Tuesday and throughout the day the common theme among voters is the importance of showing up and taking part in the democratic process.

The rush to the polling booth took place early morning in Guilford. Voters stood in the line that went out the town's firehouse.

Peter Hermann told NBC Connecticut he had a few reasons to show up on election day despite not normally voting in municipal elections.

"Honestly, this is my first non-presidential election that I voted in, I've never been a part of or cared about local smaller elections but I really like the community of Guilford," said Hermann.

While Guilford's first selectman seat is up for grabs, the contentions board of education race has garnered a lot of attention due to disagreements about how race should be taught in schools.

"I don't even have kids in the school system but I don't like the way things are shaping up and I don't think the national scale of politics has a place here," said Hermann.

West Haven is another city where we saw voters showing up to take part in their civic duty. The city has garnered more attention after state representative Michael DiMassa was arrested and accused of defrauding the city of West Haven of more than $600,000 in federal Covid-19 funds.

"West Haven has a lot of problems and it always had but there are good people but you just don't hear their voice," said Sandra Ineson who lives in West Haven.

New Haven voters trickled in mid-day to cast their ballots in the mayoral race and Board of Alders races.

"We need somebody that is listening actually instead of just giving you excuses or not doing what we want," said Magda Baez of New Haven.

The Elm City is a mix between long-time residents and younger voters, many who attend Yale University like Ismini Ethridge who made sure to show up to cast her ballot.

"I really would like to see more action around environmental justice here in the city," said Ethridge. "I know gun violence has been a real big issue that's been facing a lot of communities around the city."

NBC Connecticut caught up with Zachary Herring in New Haven who decided to take advantage of same-day voter registration while also using his right to vote.

When it comes to the Elm City, Herring said he wants to see more environmental justice taking place among other issues.

"I believe we should try to ensure that all the neighborhoods have representation and they all have enough resources for their communities," said Herring. "I think it's equally important to ensure trash and litter is picked up and all neighborhoods have a clean atmosphere and is free of trash and other litter."

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