Simsbury Man Says Simple Cell Phone Cancellation Turned into Big Headache

A Simsbury man who switched cell phone service providers and decided to cancel still found himself stuck with a bill. He reached out to NBC Connecticut Responds to tackle the problem and get it resolved.

Last October, Gianni Zunino contacted Sprint to switch his cell phone service over from AT&T. A few days later, Zunino changed his mind and cancelled his new account, opting to stay with AT&T.

Zunino told NBC Connecticut Responds he mailed back the two new iPhones he received from Sprint.

He said Sprint sent him a “number transfer request” that confirmed his cancellation.

Despite that cancellation, Zunino said that he kept receiving a bill from Sprint with no dollar amount stating, “Thank you for your payment.”

He then got a collection notice for $139, but Zunino couldn’t get a clear answer from customer service as to why.

Stuck, he reached out to NBC Connecticut Responds. Our team contacted Sprint who sent a statement:

“Our Executive care team reached out to Mr. Zunino to discuss the issues with his account. After reviewing the details, we were able to remove the balance on the customer’s closed account.”

That action resulted in a zero balance for Gianni Zunino.

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