Sister of Griswold Triple Murder Suspect Testifies in Trial

Ruth Correa described, in gruesome detail, what she remembers happening the night the Lindquist family was killed.

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A triple murder trial entered day five in New London today.

Sergio Correa, 30, is facing 14 charges, including murder and arson, in connection with the deaths of Kenneth Lindquist, his wife, Janet Lindquist, and their 21-year-old son, Matthew Lindquist on Dec. 20, 2017.

Police say Correa committed the crimes with his sister by his side. Today, she took the stand and testified against him.

Ruth Correa, Sergio's adopted sister, told jurors that she drove her brother to Griswold on Dec. 19, 2017 so he could meet up with Matthew Lindquist. She said that Matthew was expecting to get drugs from Sergio. In exchange, Sergio would be granted access to the Lindquist family safe and the weapons kept inside it.

"It was supposed to be made to look like a break-in," Ruth Correa testified.

But that plan took a violent turn. Correa told jurors that she saw her brother hit Matthew with a machete.

"After that, he grabbed my arm with the knife in my hand and made me stab him," said Correa. "He grabbed my arm and pushed my hand down into Matthew's skin."

Correa said Sergio stabbed Matthew multiple times as well, before covering his body and leaving it in a wooded area.

She said the pair then continued on to the Lindquist home, which was down the road. She said they were hoping to still get the guns from the family safe.

"Sergio was going to get what he was told he was going to get," said Correa.

Ruth Correa then told jurors, in gruesome detail, how she watched and heard her brother attack and kill both of Matthew's parents, Janet and Kenneth.

She said they then stole items from the house and poured some sort of flammable liquid around the basement and up the stairs.

"He used a lighter to light it and then we walked out," Correa said.

Facing charges in the case herself, Ruth Correa struck a deal with the state. In May, she pleaded guilty to three counts of felony murder. She agreed to testify at her brother's trial as part of the plea agreement, according to court documents. In exchange, she will receive a reduced sentence of 40 years in prison.

The defense team had a short period of time in the end of the day to begin their questioning of Correa. They spent much of the time pointing out discrepancies in how Correa has told this story in the past.

She admitted some of her past statements have contained lies.

"Some," said Correa.

Sergio Correa pleaded not guilty to all 14 charges he is facing. Ruth Correa is expected to testify again tomorrow.

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