Old Landfill to Become Tourist Destination

A community garden organization is working to organize double-decker bus tours of Hartford, which will bring tourists to the top of an old landfill with surprisingly stunning views.

Mike McGarry, who works with Hartford Blooms, brought a bus up onto the old Hartford landfill between Interstate 91 and the Connecticut River on Tuesday.

"Imagine, a tourism attraction – Mount Trashmore. And it will be," he said.

The landfill is home to one of the largest arrays of solar panels in the state producing electricity, which McGarry says is also a draw.

The bus tours will be held Oct. 13 and 17 and will cost riders $10 apiece. Reservations can be made through the Elmwood Senior Center in West Hartford.

"Imagine that! When you're at the top of the double-decker up here, boy what a view!" he exclaimed.
The Public Works Department controls access to the landfill, and gas from waste decomposing within the mound is piped away for sale

Still, McGarry envisions more than just tourists atop the landfill.

"Someday greenhouses, someday wild flowers along the side," he said. "Hartford's really taken a piece of wasteland, really. Old landfill's a wasteland, not worth anything, but this is going to be worth a lot. It's worth it right now."

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