Ski Report: 70+ Ski Club

Last week we introduced you to future Olympians at the Jr. National Ski Championship, this week, we talked to skiers with a bit more experience.

"I'm 92,” says World War II Veteran Joe Carey, “And I started skiing when I was 42. So that's 50 years."

Joe was in good company as 32 members of the 70 plus Ski Club competed in their annual race and fun day at Butternut Mountain. And for Joe...Skiing and racing is all about the thrill.

"It's a lot like I used to experience, I was a navy fighter pilot during World War II,” explains Carey. “ And I used to like to go fast."

They go fast, and they go far! With over 3,000 members nationwide, the club travels all across the US, and even as far as Europe, Argentina, and Chile! And skiers aren't the only ones allowed in the club... Peter Habicht has been snowboarding for almost 20 years.

"It's fun. It simple as just fun. Camraderie,” says Habicht. “You know everybody's out for a good time."

While it's all in good fun, the day is still a competition.

"We do three or four of these races a year and of course everybody has the be over 70,” explains skier Bill McDevitt. “And we do it by 5 year intervals 70-74, 75-80, etc all the way up."

And at 76 years old, McDevitt took home the gold for his age group.

The ladies and gentlemen skiing today were some of the most inspirational and dedicated skiers I have ever met. And hanging with the 70 plus club is not for the faint of heart....

"I exercise to stay in shape so I can do it. And I love it,” says Carey. “I don't wanna quit. My theory is use it or lose it"

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