Skiiers, Snowboarders Enjoy First Snow of 2020 at Mount Southington

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One day after the first snow storm of 2020, lots of skiers and snowboarders dropped by Mount Southington to enjoy the slopes on Sunday.

Cold air, sunshine and extra powdered conditions created the perfect combination for dozens of skiers.

Oscar Jones is 7-years-old and said that he always looks forward to hitting the slopes.

“It’s a fun experience for me,” said Jones. “It feels great.”

Jones along with his brother, Lucca, say they both jump at the chance to improve their skills.

“Snowboarding is awesome,” said Lucca Jones. “Skiing is really fun, too,” said Oscar Jones.

At Mount Southington, fluctuating temperatures have become a reoccurring issue. The first snow storm brought four inches in Southington and ignited the fire for dozen of skiers.

Jay Dougherty is the general manager and believes the extra flurries improve powder conditions for skiers.

“The snow is nice and soft, the sun’s out, you can’t beat that,” said Dougherty. “Today is as good as it gets.”

The Jones brothers say getting back in on the action has a deeper meaning.

“I like to see people happy while they’re skiing,” said Oscar Jones. “I love that I get to do something I love with my friends,” said Lucca Jones.

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