Skimmer Found at United Bank ATM in Manchester

An ATM skimming device was found at an ATM at a bank in Manchester, police said. 

Manchester Police said they are investigating the device located at the United Bank on 341 Broad Street on Sunday. 

The device was described as a green rubberized attachment that was installed over the regular card slot on the ATM machine, according to police. 

Anyone who may have witnessed suspicious activity in the area of the United Bank’s ATM are asked to call police at (860) 645-5510.

Police said several other banks in the state have experienced similiar situations and provided some safety tips for residents: 

  • Jiggle the Card Reader: If the card reader moves around when you try to jiggle it with your hand, something probably isn’t right. A real card reader should be attached to the ATM so well that it won’t move around — a skimmer overlaid over the card reader may move around.
  • Look at the ATM Machine: Take a quick look at the ATM machine. Does anything look a bit out-of-place? Perhaps the bottom panel is a different color from the rest of the machine because it’s a fake piece of plastic placed over the real bottom panel and the keypad. Perhaps there’s an odd-looking object that contains a camera.
  • Examine the Keypad: Does the keypad look a bit too thick, or different from how it usually looks if you’ve used the machine before? It may be an overlay over the real keypad.
  • Check for Cameras: Consider where an attacker might hide a camera — somewhere above the screen or keypad, or even in the brochure holder on the machine.
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