Cheshire Family Recounts Run-In with Rabid Skunk

Cheshire Animal Control is reminding residents to protect their families make sure pets are vaccinated after a family of five and their two dogs came into contact with a rabid skunk.

NBC Connecticut spoke exclusively with that family.

The Linehans spent Wednesday night at Yale-New Haven Hospital getting round one of rabies vaccines after running into a rabid skunk outside their home on Sycamore Lane in Cheshire Monday night.

“Honestly, I was terrified,” said Liz Linehan.

Linehan, who is running for state representative, said her two dogs came across the skunk Monday night. Then on Tuesday afternoon her kids found the same skunk dead underneath the family’s deck. The animal was sent to a state laboratory for testing where it came back positive for rabies.

“We did all come in contact with either the animal or some blood from the animal,” Linehan said.

The two dogs involved were up to date on their vaccinations and are being quarantined at home for the next 45 days. The family will go through three more rounds of shots over the next two weeks.

Cheshire Animal Control said they only test animals for rabies if they’ve come in contact with pets or people. They remind residents that rabid animals could be anywhere and to stay alert. The Linehans said they’re glad they’ve learned that lesson.

“Never approach a wild animal whether they are alive or dead,” Linehan said.

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