Slow Internet Speed Prompts Frontier Billing Issue

Meriden resident Marianne Cifatte thought she got a great deal when she signed up for Frontier’s Internet service two years ago. For $49.99 per month, she received 12 megabits per second (mbps), or so she thought, until a casual movie night became too stressful to enjoy.

“It would just [show] that buffering freeze,” Cifatte said. “And it was just so irritating. You’re watching a movie to relax.”

Cifatte called Frontier’s customer service, and an agent immediately identified the problem: She was only receiving six mbps.

The company sent a technician, who replaced the modem, and got everything back up to speed.

“We felt like the last piece of the puzzle was to just call and, you know, request some type of monetary compensation for the fact that we’ve been paying for one plan for two years and they’ve only been providing half of what we’d been paying for.”

Her price difference was that of $15 a month, for 24 months, or $360.

“I was only looking for what I believed we were due,” Cifatte said. “I wasn’t looking to get anything more than that.”

Cifatte says a representative told her the most Frontier would offer was three months of compensation, which totaled $45.

“So I said to her that I was going to contact the Department of Consumer Protection, and that I was also going to contact NBC Responds,” Cifatte said.

One week after NBC Connecticut Responds reached out to Frontier, Cifatte got a call. The company sent her a check for a full reimbursement.

In a statement, a Frontier spokesperson said:

“It was unfortunate this occurred, we apologize for the situation, the delay and inconvenience our oversight caused the customer. We were happy to resolve the situation once it was brought to our attention.”

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