Pilot Rescued from Long Island Sound After Hard Landing

Pilot, Lone Occupant Uninjured: State Police

A 77-year-old pilot was rescued from Long Island Sound by a jet-skier after his plane made a hard landing near Westbrook Saturday afternoon.

State police say that Albert Sheehy of Cross River, N.Y. was in route to Danbury Municipal Airport from Block Island when his 1965, single-engine Cherokee plane began experiencing engine trouble near Duck Island around 3:30 p.m.

Before Sheehy's plane experienced total engine failure at about 4,000 feet, he attempted to land near I-95, but police say that the highway was too crowded for him to make a safe landing.  

Police say that Sheehy then decided to land in Long Island Sound instead. Sheehy told police that he was able to glide his plane near the shore, landing safely in Long Island Sound.

After landing, Sheehy was rescued by a passing jet-skier. Sheehy, who has been a pilot for about nine years, was the pilot and sole occupant of the plane and was not injured during the crash.

The Westbrook Fire Department, the U.S. Coast Guard, the Department of Environmental Protection and the Clinton Police Department dispatched boats to the scene. 

Sheehy's plane was towed to Pilots Point Marina where the FAA will conduct its investigation.  

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