Smash-and-Grab Could Be Linked to Other Burglaries


Customers at Family Dollar were shocked to hear thieves hit the West Hartford store. Even more shocking was the way they did it!

The two suspects stole a van, then slammed it into the front of the store to break the door, said police. Surveillance photos show the two burglars getting away with a safe that contained more than $1,000.
"I didn't think nobody would actually hit Family Dollar," said John St. Juste of New Britain.
"My mom used to work here. It's a good store and nothing ever happened like this," said Coraima Velez of Hartford.
Police believe what happened at the West Hartford Family Dollar has happened at other store locations, so they're looking to see if the burglaries are all connected.
"The M-O is almost identical to 11 other burglaries throughout the state of Connecticut since September, so it's certainly appears it would be related to those other 11," said West Hartford Police Sgt. Frank Fallon.
One of the smash-and-grabs happened back on January 13th at a Family Dollar in Hamden. That same morning, a similar attempt was made at another Family Dollar in New Haven. Police are trying to put them altogether.
"We'll be working with the other 11 agencies as I'm sure they're already working together, and every time we pick up a new piece of information, hopefully we further the investigation," said Sgt. Fallon.
While police are investigating, customers are still trying to wrap their heads around why someone would target dollar stores.
"The prices are really low, so I don't know why they would steal from here," said Velez.
Anyone with information on who did steal from the store is asked to call police.
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