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Smoke From Western Wildfires Causes Smoky Skies in CT

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Smoke from wildfires in the western part of the continent caused smoky skies in Connecticut Tuesday morning and may irritate some sensitive groups throughout the day.

There are fires in 13 states, more than a million acres have burned, and the smoke is coming across the continent.

The sky is clearer since sunrise, but it will still have a bit of an eerie look.

According to the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, the fine particles in the air will be present through the evening and could be unhealthy for sensitive groups such as people with heart or lung disease, older adults and children and teens.

These groups are warned to avoid strenuous outdoor activities, keep outdoor activities short and consider moving physical activities inside or rescheduling them.

Conditions in the western part of the state could be unhealthy for all groups and the public is advised to follow similar guidelines as above, including choosing less strenuous activities while outdoors so you don't breathe as hard and shortening outdoor time.

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