Snapchat-Like App Helps Parents of Children Undergoing Surgery

Connecticut Children’s Medical Center is using a new app designed to keep parents in the loop while their child is in surgery.

Maxwell Nadeau, who is just 23 months old, is recovering at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center after surgery to correct a spinal condition. His mother, Melissa, describes being in the waiting room as torture.

“You sit and you hope for the best,” she said. “You pray for the best but you’re ready for the worst.”

But, thanks to a new app called “Ease,” Melissa and her husband, Ian, were able to get real-time video and text message updates from doctors and nurses who were inside the operating room.

“We’ll let them know that the patient has gone to sleep and they are doing great,” said Irsa Amin, Operating Room Nurse at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. “Once we’ve started the procedure, we give timely updates, letting them know that we’re finishing up.”

“It felt like a giant relief,” Melissa Nadeau said. “We were connected. Although it felt like I gave my baby to the surgeon who’s amazing, I still felt like I was there. Everything was okay because I had a visual.”

The app protects patient privacy in compliance with HIPAA. The messages disappear after 60 seconds.

Connecticut Children’s is the only hospital in the state that uses the technology.

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