Snow and Ice Make for Slippery Roads

Snow turning to sleet and freezing rain made the Tuesday evening commute tricky for travelers in Connecticut.

Just after 6:30 p.m., traffic was steady and even bumper to bumper at times coming out of Hartford on Interstate 84. As snow intensified and later turned to ice, conditions only got worse.

Manchester resident Barbara Bolton said snow and ice made the roads "just very slick."

Corey Jenkens, of Hartford, described them as "ugly" and "bad."

It took him 20 minutes to get from East Hartford to Manchester, twice as long as usual.

Meanwhile, Tim Rush was bracing for what he expected to be an hour-long drive to Simsbury, a trip that usually takes him 20 minutes.

”The highways are bad right now. We need them to plow it,” said Rush.

Department of Transportation crews were busy loading up at the East Hartford garage along I-84 Tuesday night.

"The roads are absolutely horrid out there. I did about 15 miles per hour all the way down 91. It was horrible out there," said Roxanne Mulvey.

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