Snow-Covered Storm Drains Cause Flooding Concerns

Last week when rain was in the weather forecast, a state senator who is also first selectman of Sprague wrought her hands in worry over flooding concerns.

The rain didn't materialize but the worry has, as snowbanks block catch basins and storm drains in southeastern Connecticut.

"They're 6-foot-tall snow banks that are completely frozen, rock-hard solid, that we're having to move inch by inch," said State Sen. Cathy Osten.

It's taken heavy equipment to get ice off the catch basins, and some are still clogged. That means melting snow may find somewhere else to go.

"It would be stuck on the top of the road beds, it would be in people's yards, it could flood into people's basements," she said. "It will be a very difficult situation for all of us to deal with."

She hopes people will treat catch basins the way they treat fire hydrants and clear them after it snows again.

"If we melt too fast, we will have flooding in all the towns that are impacted by this very unusual winter storm season," Osten said.

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