Snow Fatigue: Crews Gear Up for Another Storm

Keep those shovels handy: more snow is on the way.

If you’re getting tired of digging out your driveway, imagine the people in charge of clearing miles and miles of roads.

Public works crews in Waterbury spent Thursday getting ready for more snow just as cleanup efforts were winding down after this week's blizzard.

“We are receiving deliveries of sand and salt material and prepping that. Our fleet staff has been going over the equipment, repairing anything that needs to be completed from the last storm,” said Waterbury Public Works Deputy Director David Simpson.

That last storm, the Blizzard of 2015, dumped up to 33 inches of snow across parts of Connecticut.

Although Waterbury only received about 8 inches, it still meant a long day for crews who worked about 36 hours.

“We do try to rest the staff in-between and I’ll only call it rest. It’s an hour or so in their truck, off the road, closing their eyes for a couple hours,” said Simpson.

After the storm, there is little down time because crews have to immediately begin storm cleanup. While the equipment can weather the storms, it’s harder on the crew members, and Public Works tries to make sure they can get at least a little rest.

“I don’t call it problematic. It’s New England. It’s winter. The staff is used to it. It disrupts their personal lives. They can’t have a personal life," Simpson said. "But they know their responsibilities and they’re a dedicated crew and I’m proud of how they respond every time the phone rings.”

Public Works officials said they’ve already gone through 1,400 tons of material in the past week.

Fortunately, they’ve got plenty left for the rest of the season – and at this rate, they'll need it.

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