Snow, Ice Complicate Fire Response in Hampton

It took firefighters six hours to put out the fire.

Firefighters battled a house fire at 86 East Old Route 6 in Hampton on Wednesday morning and snow and ice from the weekend blizzard made that fight difficult.

Smoke alarms alerted the family of the fire. They were able to make it out safely and called 911 around 12:30 a.m.

The fire in the 3,000 square-foot home reignited several times over the morning and firefighters from more than six departments spent more than six hours putting it out. 

Snow mounds and icy roads made it difficult for firefighters to get water on the fire.

Tankers had to bring water from a pond about two miles away, but that took time.

“We’re on a small back road and we have a tanker shuttle that we can only go in one direction because the limited sides of the road from the snow accumulation, so a very difficult and very difficult to get to the drafting point where we would get water from just because of the snow,” Hampton Fire Chief Richard Schank said.

One firefighter was injured when he slipped on some black ice and broke his ankle.

The cause of the fire is not yet known, but firefighters believe it started in the basement, where there is a wood-burning stove.

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