Snow Removal Causes Traffic Trouble Again

The state's efforts to remove snow from highways caused major backups for the second day in a row.

Traffic was backed up along I-84 westbound from downtown Hartford back into East Hartford for most of the day on Wednesday.

On Tuesday night, traffic backed up on Interstate 84 eastbound from downtown Hartford to Farmington as crews cleared snow from highway bridges during the beginning of rush-hour traffic.

The evening commute was at a near-standstill for hours in and around Hartford.  Some drivers reported a normally 20 minute commute took two hours.

Side streets in Hartford and West Hartford became clogged with cars trying to avoid the mess on I-84.

A spokesperson for the DOT said a combination of snow-covered lanes, accidents, and snow removal equipment are causing the traffic backups.  They urge drivers to plan for extra time when driving on state highways.

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