Snow Shovels Still in Demand With March Underway

Although hardware stores are usually gearing up for spring this time of year, with more snow in the forecast, winter supplies are still in demand.

Rice Hardware in Windsor should be getting ready to bring in products for landscaping and gardening, everything from rakes to fertilizer, according to Dennis Rice. But this March, like this winter, is turning out to be anything but basic, meaning tomorrow's order will look a little different.

“Everyone is still calling up for calcium and snow rakes,” said Rice. “We’ve been out for a month but with everyone calling my brother is trying to get a spring order in tomorrow that’s going to be a combination of both.”

Ahead of the state’s next snowstorm Tuesday, those calls kept coming. While Rice’s winter section is limited, Richard Gurski said he was able to find a specific snow shovel the chain retailers were cleared out of.

“I went to Home Depot and a whole bunch of Lowes and different stores and could not find this type of shovel,” Gurski said.

Rice said right now the store is in between seasons, so when it comes to winter orders, management is doing its best to find a balance.

“We are not going to go overboard because we need all that room for the fertilizer,” said Rice.

His hope is if they stock for spring, it might just get here, meaning his days of staring at his fishing gear are one step closer to days where he can use them.

“Couple more weeks and we are going to see 50-60 degree weather,” he said.

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