Snowy Bus Stops Cause Safety Concerns

Snowy bus stops are creating a major safety concern for passengers now being forced to wait for their ride in the road.

New Britain’s Ashley Domack is one of many who relies on mass transit but says, with the recent weather, it can be tough.

“There is nowhere to stand. Usually anyone who goes on the bus will just literally stand as close to the snow banks as they can,” Domack said.

Her struggle can be seen almost daily up and down New Britain Avenue, and according to the Connecticut Department of Transportation it is something some of their 8,000 or so stops deal with every winter.

“You can’t like stand away from it because then the bus won’t know to come pick you up,” said Domack.

The DOT says bus drivers do that have a little leeway when it comes to pick up and drop off, but that moving a stop completely is not an option. It looks the only way to actually fix the issues, is to clear space for the passengers to stand, but there seems to be some confusion as to whose job that is.

According to the DOT the responsibility usually falls on the city, town or property owner.

Riders we spoke with say they don’t care whose job it is, they just want it done before someone gets hurt.

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