So Long Thong

There's a new trend in women's underwear.  It's another way the economy is taking a toll and most men aren't going to like it.

What do you want your woman to wear? We asked Jamie Adams of Middletown.  His answer:  “My woman? Thongs. My daughter? Granny panties.”

"Thong is the best, I think.  It's the hottest," said Brad Speir of Middletown.

Hot, maybe.   But comfortable, no way.  It turns out more and more women are saying bigger is better.

"More and more women now prefer comfort," said Tina Lun, owner of Tina's Fine Lingerie in Middletown.  She specializes in the risqué, but also has everyday.

She says most men pick up the itty bitties.  But, "They are a little smarter so they don't just buy naughty. They actually throw a little nice in," she said.

When comparing the two, it's not just comfort or coverage.  Cost is also a factor when it comes to the change in buying habits.  "The granny panties are a little less than a fancy thong," said Lun.

Many head to her for sexy lingerie, but Victoria's Secret has taken a hit in this economy.  The company says store sales slipped 10% in December and January's expected to be even worse.

To spend less, some are hitting stores like target.  Hanes brand saw undie sales ride up 2% in the third quarter, disappointing news for some.

"I think grandma belongs in grandma panties, but non-grandma's belong in thongs," said Danny Ventre of Middletown.

But just like there's the boxer versus briefs debate, so goes the thong versus granny panty.

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