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Social Distancing Scoreboard

How is Connecticut doing with social distancing?

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So you think you’re doing a good job at social distancing?

A company called Unacast now has a social distancing scoreboard for every state and county in the U.S.  

Using GPS data from smartphone apps that it partners with, Unacast has developed a formula to calculate:

  • reductions in distance traveled…otherwise known as average mobility
  • and reductions in visits to non-essential places

Generally speaking, looking at data starting on February 24 through 11:30 a.m. April 6, most places have been able to reduce average mobility by 40-55%, and visits to non-essential places in the 60-65% range.  Among the 50 states, Connecticut is in the middle of the pack, with a grade of a C.

As for Connecticut counties, New London County is close to the top with a B-.  It has had very consistent decreases in both average mobility and reduction in non-essential visits.

Tolland County also graded out with a B-.  It has probably the lowest, most consistent drop in non-essential visits, but did not do as well as New London County in reducing average mobility.

Hartford County has reduced its average mobility and non-essential visits, but not as well as New London and Tolland counties.  So it got a social distancing score of a C.

Even worse was Middlesex County, it got a grade of a D in part because Unacast’s data did not indicate as substantial a drop in non-essential visits.

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