Wet Ballots Cause Difficulties With Counting: Secretary of the State

The ballots became wet at some point during Election Day and as a result, all votes may not get counted Tuesday night

One of the issues that surfaced on Election Day Tuesday was wet ballots, which led to election officials hand counting ballots all night and into Wednesday.

"We had a few issues today with wet ballots, believe it or not," Secretary of the State Denise Merrill told NBC Connecticut Tuesday.  "They can't go through the machines so if they have to be hand counted that will create some delay."

Merrill said people dripping rain on ballots and getting them wet is a "really weird problem to have."

"Usually, in a rainstorm, people don't show up as much. The rain did not stop people and so the ballots got wet, they wouldn't go through the machine, so many of them had to be hand counted and that is quite a process," she said.   

She was asked if the ballots will be able to be counted overnight before Wednesday morning.

"We might be able to dry them out and they'll go through the machine and everything will be good," Merrill said.

It's unclear how many ballots are impacted and what precincts they came from Tuesday.

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