Some Health Conditions Make it Difficult to Wear a Face Mask

Bristol Health offered advice for patients with health conditions that make it difficult to wear a face mask.

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It's been more than a week since Gov. Ned Lamont issued an executive order directing everyone to wear a mask when entering public places.

Some people with health conditions told NBC Connecticut that they're running into issues when heading out to get essentials.

"I'm getting kind of rejected from the public when I try to go out to get the items I needed," said Karen, who decided to share her experiences since the executive order went into effect. "I've found myself arguing with people about why I'm not wearing a mask."

Karen says she has a pulmonary condition which makes it difficult to breathe with or without a mask.

"When I did wear the mask, it was like trying to breathe through a whole bunch of cotton balls," she said.

There is a statement that addresses masks and face coverings for those who suffer from certain health conditions inside the executive order. It reads:

"Nothing in this order shall require the use of a mask or cloth face covering by anyone for whom doing so would be contrary to his or her health or safety because of a medical condition."

"As practitioners of health, we need to really care for vulnerable populations," said Jennifer Foss, director of nursing at Bristol Health.

Foss recommends those with health pre-conditions look into other measures to obtain essentials without leaving their homes.

"We recommend for patients to turn to their friends or look into organizations that have volunteers who can help with grocery shopping or deliveries," said Foss.

Karen mentions that she will continue to practice social distancing but wants more awareness to better protect people who can't wear a mask because of trouble breathing.

"We would appreciate if stores put an asterisk on the signs that say certain people are precluded," said Karen.

Bristol Health recommends vulnerable patients who have to go out to wash their hands regularly and continue wiping off any surfaces that they may touch.

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