Screws in Plainville Streets Causing Hundreds of Flat Tires

Plainville police say they've had at least 50 people report having a flat tire from screws left on the road, and when they spoke to local tire shops, they discovered the actual number of victims is much higher.

It's a crime costing people big bucks in Plainville. Police want to know who's throwing screws and nails in the streets and causing hundreds of flat tires.

About a month and a half ago Plainville police say they found about 200 screws scattered along Stillwell Drive.

"At that point we weren't sure if it was intentional of accidental, but now we've since had three or four other locations in town where there have been a few nails or screws in the roadway. Our investigation is leading us to believe this is intentional," said Lt. Eric Peterson.

Plainville police say they've had at least 50 people report having a flat tire from screws left on the road. When investigators checked with several local tire companies in the area, they learned that a lot more people were having a similar issue, at least 200 people.

One of those local tire companies, Lucero Tire, says it's been an unusually busy time for them.

"In one day we've done over 10 cars, just pulling nails out," said employee David Merced.

Merced says due to where the nail or screw hit, the majority of tires they've seen have not been able to be patched. They’ve had to be completely replaced.

Police are hoping to put a stop to the crime before someone gets hurt.

"It's dangerous. At this point if someone gets a screw in their tire and they get up on the highway and get in an accident as a result of a screw in a tire causing a blowout, now someone is looking at a serious charge," Peterson said.

Investigators are hoping someone comes forward to help them put an end to the crime.

"Someone knows something, whether someone's bragged about it, someone's told a friend, or someone knows someone who has these types of screws doing it," Peterson said. "We just want to get whoever is doing this to stop before anyone gets hurt."

Police say you can report someone anonymously.

Authorities say they have checked with surrounding towns but that those towns are not seeing similar issues. Investigators say if you see screws or a bag of screws on the road to not pick them up but to call police so officers can collect them.

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