Son of Missing Easton Couple to Remain in Prison

The son of a missing Easton, Connecticut couple will remain in prison after being arrested in September on federal gun charges, a judge decided on Friday.

Kyle Navin, the 27-year-old son of Jeffery and Jeanette Navin, is considered a person of interest in the disappearance of his parents’, who were last seen on Aug. 4, sources close to the investigation said.

He has been in custody since Sept. 8 after authorities said they found guns and ammunition in Kyle Navin's bedroom while searching his home as part of the investigation into his parents' disappearance.

During the detention hearing on Friday, Navin's attorney, Eugene J. Riccio, asked for bond, saying it would be paid for with equity in his parents’ house.

According to state court records, Jeffrey Navin was $2.2 million in debt as of December in connection with a mortgage on a Guilford home.

The attorney also said the house is part of a crime scene and that money cannot be used for bond.

On Friday afternoon, police said an investigation into the disappearance of Jeffrey and Jeanette Navin turned up possible human remains. Those remains have not yet been identified and state police plan to hold a news conference on Friday afternoon about the case. 

Prosecutors during the detention hearing also said there is recent evidence that he could be a suspect in the murder of his parents.

Riccio said Navin would also wear a GPS bracelet.

Prosecutors argued that Kyle Navin is a danger to the community because of his guns, could pose a flight risk and should be held.

Riccio said there is "no probable cause” for Kyle Navin to commit homicide and he is not danger to the community.

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