South Windsor Day Care Surrenders License Amid Abuse Allegations

A well-known day care in South Windsor is voluntarily surrendering its license as state officials oversee the transition of Mother Goose Children’s Center to new leadership following allegations of abuse that came to light in a recent state inspection.

The allegations date back to April of this year.

“We took this complaint very seriously,” said Commissioner of Early Childhood David Wilkinson. “We acted immediately, starting our investigation, substantiating some of the concern. And we acted fast.”

According to the Office of Early Childhood, operator Marjorie Glater voluntarily gave up her three licenses following the agency’s investigation. The OEC alleged that “on and prior to April 23, 2018, staff member engaged in abusive, neglectful and frightening treatment of children.”

”The assessment of the people who were in a position to make some determinations were that the conduct, which is the subject of the allegations, was not severe and did not compromise the children’s safety,” said Steven Seligman, who is representing the center.

The agency said Glater never reported the incidents.

“The mandated reporting statute is extremely broad and leaves initially the discretion of whether or the not the incident is a mandatory reportable act,” explained Seligman

“The most important thing is we have professionals who understand what abuse is and what it isn’t,” Wilkinson said. “What neglect is and what it isn’t. The best thing that someone can do if they feel like they are possibly a witness to a neglectful or abusive situation is to reach out to DCF and let them know what they’ve seen and let them come in and determine the situation.”

Glater’s attorney said his client denies the alleged abuse.

”She chose to make this kind of arrangement after 45 years in the business rather than go through the time, the expense and emotional ordeal of fighting these charges, but at no time has any representative of Mother Goose ever admitted to the truth of these allegations.”

State officials told NBC Connecticut the employee who was accused of the abuse is no longer employed at the center. They said Glater will work to implement a new director by September 28. The agency said there will be frequent inspections over the next few months.

“We are continuing to do daily visits to ensure that it is a safe and healthy environment for children,” Wilkinson said.

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