South Windsor Family's World Cup Tickets Never Arrive

The family received their tickets for the Peru vs. France game on June 7, but never received tickets they purchased for the other two matches.

Virginia and Edmundo Aquije were excited to watch their beloved home country of Peru compete in this year’s World Cup. While millions watched the games on television, the South Windsor couple travelled to Russia to be a part of the worldwide event in person.

But the couple’s daughter, Janyna Aquije, said what should have been a trip of a lifetime turned out to be a huge letdown. StubHub, the online company they used to buy their tickets, only mailed them one pair of the three sets of tickets the Aquijes purchased before they left for Russia.

“They were very disappointed. This was the first time they were using StubHub,” said Janyna Aquije.

Aquije said her parents waited until May to buy their World Cup soccer tickets and paid StubHub $3,742.72 for the three sets.

“They were leaving soon and they wanted to make sure they had their tickets before leaving,” Aquije said.

Aquije told NBC Connecticut Responds her parents received their tickets for the Peru vs. France game on June 7, but not the tickets for the other two matches. So they contacted StubHub before traveling abroad. She says StubHub told them they could send the other two pairs of tickets right to their hotel in Russia. But when the couple arrived at their first hotel, there were no tickets to be found, according to Aquije.

“They said that they had sent the tickets. We were tracking them. I was tracking them via my smartphone app.”

Aquije said the delivery tracking showed that the tickets were sent to the wrong location. So, Aquije says, she reached out to StubHub customer service and arranged for the tickets to be delivered to the hotel where her parents were staying.

“They were having the hardest time getting their tickets and they were worried they weren’t going to make it in time,” said Aquije.

She said her parents stayed at three different hotels while in Russia and never received anything from StubHub. After raising this issue to the company, a representative stated they would refund their money for the missing two pairs of tickets.

In the meantime, Janyna said her parents paid another $440 for tickets from people selling them on the street. That’s on top of the money they already spent on the trip.

When the couple returned from the World Cup, Janyna said they were still waiting for the refund. So they contacted NBC Connecticut Responds for help.

After we reached out to the company, a spokesperson for StubHub thanked us for bringing this to their attention.

They told us in statement:

“We have investigated this further and it does appear that the tickets were signed for but not by the customer. We presume it was a staff member at the hotel, so unfortunately the tickets never made it to Virginia and Edmundo.”

StubHub processed a full refund for the couple in the amount of $3,742.72.

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