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South Windsor Mom Buys Items to Donate at Babies R Us Closing Sale

With store doors closing, a South Windsor mom saw an opportunity.

Jenna Schenk is giving up her family vacation this year after spending $2,000 at Babies R Us on hundreds of items to donate to mothers in need.

“This is our summer project,” she said. “I have three girls: 3, 4 and 6 years old. They asked me for a baby brother and said that’s not going to happen. So instead, we can be big sisters to our community and help lots of newborn babies.”

Babies R Us stores across the US are closing by July. So Schenk hit up her local store aiming to help others. She purchased things like blankets, strollers and clothes. It took multiple trips to transport all of the items.

“I saw her post and nobody had commented yet so I said, I have a minivan I’ll be right there,” said friend, Sharon Wells.

“A lot of these things end of being thrown in the trash so we wanted to get to them before they hit the trash,” Schenk said. “So we can pass them on to mothers with newborn babies who could use these things.”

Schenk is keeping the items she bought in a storage unit until she finds local organizations that will distribute it to families in need.

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