South Windsor

South Windsor Police Warn of Fraud Targeting Santander ATM

South Windsor police vehicle outside police station
NBC Connecticut

South Windsor police are urging people to be cautious while using ATMs after learning about people using Santander Bank ATMs to fraudulently withdraw cash using fake debit cards.

South Windsor police Tweeted that Santander's fraud investigators are aware and investigating.

“Santander Bank learned of suspicious activity involving some of our branch-based ATMs. Out of an abundance of caution, we have temporarily closed these ATMs and they will be back on-line as soon as possible. Additionally, some branches may have an additional security presence and/or be temporarily closed for security reasons," Santander Bank said in a statement.

"We are continuing to cooperate with law enforcement as they investigate this situation and apologize for any customer inconvenience. As we work to expeditiously resolve this situation, our customers should know that there is no impact to their accounts or funds, which can be accessed online, using our digital app, in our branches or at non-branch ATMs," they added.

South Windsor police urge anyone who believes he or she is a victim of fraud or has any information about suspicious activity at the Santander ATM in town to contact them.

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