South Windsor Sinkhole Fix to Take Longer Than Expected

Public works crews are continuing to repair a sinkhole on Main Street in South Windsor but said it will take longer than expected to fix.

The hole was originally about 15 feet in diameter but has now opened up to about 30 feet, which means an extra week of repairs for the city’s public works crew. Repairs were supposed to take about five days.

"They noticed some other areas where the road clearly was continuing to fail so as a result of that they had to start excavating, figure out exactly what’s going on," explained South Windsor Police Chief Matthew Reed.

The sinkhole opened up last Friday. Public works officials believe it was caused by a cracked culvert about 25 feet underground.

Since the pipes carry sewage, temporary pipes have been installed.

"This here is carrying sewage down from one manhole to the next manhole," Reed said, pointing out the pipes that run several blocks along Main Street. "These pipes go right into the hole and dump the sewage back into the sewer main and it continues its trek down to the sewage treatment plant."

Drivers trying to get to Main Street are urged to take Straughn Road or Route 5 until the street opens up again.

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