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South Windsor Student Soars in Global Competition

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A South Windsor sixth-grader beat out some stiff competition this year after she placed third in a global invention program that included students from China and Singapore.

Gauri Kumbar is a sixth-grader at Timothy Edwards Middle School in South Windsor. Gauri tells NBC Connecticut that she enjoys solving problems and was one of the top reasons why she decided to join Connecticut's chapter of Invention Convention.

"I do like how we're able to invent devices that could help someone else and we research how we can solve problems," said Kumbar.

Gauri's been a part of the program since the third grade. Gauri won on the state and national level before placing third this year in the global competition.

This year, she created a filtration system that can help get rid of dead zones in large bodies of water.

"It was really exciting although I was a little nervous," said Kumbar. "I wasn't very confident in my invention but it eventually pulled through and I was really proud of myself."

The Invention Convention allows students from around the state and globe to identify problems in their own life, community and in the world and create solutions.

"They go through the engineering design process and come up with solutions to one of those problems that they are passionate about solving," said Christine Lawlor-King, executive director of Connecticut's chapter of Invention Convention. "It is taking invention and innovation to our youngest grades."

In addition to having Lawlor-King as a supporter, Gauri also has her mom and dad cheering her on and teaching her about the importance of giving back.

"We are lucky to have her as a daughter and my wife and I are truly blessed to have such a wonderful daughter," said Sangamesh G. Kumbar, Gauri's father. "It's not always look at me or look at what I've done, but rather, I have done this for the community and I have done this for my fellow classmates."

The next state Invention Convention competition will take place next year in April, virtually. Gauri said she's still deciding if she will participate.

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