South Windsor Votes on Crumbling Foundations

A tiny bit of relief for homeowners suffering from crumbling foundations in South Windsor.

The town council voted unanimously to pass a resolution aimed at assisting those with the cost of replacing their failing foundations.

Local contractors are booked solid installing beams, to lift homes to replace those crumbling concrete foundations.

Work to the tune of almost $200,000 is being done here on Chimney Sweep Hill Road in Glastonbury.

On Monday night in South Windsor, council members voted all in favor to pass a resolution waiving building permit fees for the replacement of the failing foundations-- including for flooring, footings and basement walls.

South Windsor Mayor Tom Delnicki said there are dozens of people in his community with the problem and the town formed a committee to see what they could do to help, offsetting the problems by as much as a few thousand dollars.

Delnicki told the NBC Connecticut Troubleshooters, “One of those things that came up during one of those meetings was waiving building permit fees for the remediation and repair for a crumbling foundation, so that we could give the folks a little bit of relief here because this is a really terrible situation they’re going through.”

Don Childree is a local contractor booked through 2017 to help fix these crumbling foundations and he said, “There should be no permit fees for any of this stuff, this is ridiculous to have to pay a permit fee for a job like this, for the homeowner coming up with this kind of money in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and you’ve got to add insult to injury by paying a two-three thousand dollar permit fee seems ridiculous to me."

In May, JJ Mottes Company and Becker’s Construction agreed to temporarily stop selling the aggregate from Becker’s quarry that is believed was used for these residential foundations until June of 2017. The companies have previously stated the crumbling foundations are an issue of improper installation and not the result of their materials.

Meanwhile, 225 complaints so far, have been filed with the Department of Consumer Protection.

That agency urges others to come forward as they continue their investigation.

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