South Windsor Waits Hours for Help From Eversource: Cops

Several hours and multiple phone calls later, crews from Eversource Energy safely removed a live wire that blocked a busy intersection in South Windsor.

The power line came down on Buckland Road around 4 p.m. Tuesday. Police shut down the road at Route 30 and directed traffic while they waited for workers from the energy company. Eversource moved the wire and police opened the intersection around 9:30 p.m.

South Windsor police spokesman Lt. Scott Custer said dispatchers had "major problems" contacting Eversource. According to Custer, police called the energy company four or five times before Eversource dispatched crews to the scene.

He said the department hired private-duty officers to staff the intersection and plans to bill Eversource for the officers' time.

A spokesperson for Eversource Energy said the company works closely with police departments and communities. Eversource will follow up with Chief Matthew Reed on Wednesday to address the department's concerns about wait time.

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