Overcrowding Could Keep Embezzler Out of Prison

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Paula Borsari admitted to embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars from her employer but the Southbury woman might stay out of prison because there are too many people are locked up.

Paula Borsari and her husband, Ray, were arrested in 2008 after a long police investigation, the Waterbury Republican American reports

According to court documents, Paula was the certified public accountant for the mortgage company and was in charge of issuing checks and preparing payroll, and her husband was telemarketing manager.

Paula Borsari will pay the Northeast Mortgage Co. $120,000 in restitution and will donate $30,000 to four charities. Despite a plea deal, Senior Assistant State's Attorney David Gulick said he would recommend that Borsari be locked up when she's sentenced on May 3, but Judge Richard Damiani said the state's prison system has about 20,000 inmates and suggested that it doesn't have room for non-violent offenders. 

"Ten years ago, you would go to jail for this," Damiani told her.

Borsari's husband applied for an accelerated rehabilitation program that could lead to his record being cleared, the paper reports.   The couple returns to court for sentencing May 3.

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