Southington Artist Receives Anonymous Letter of Praise for Supporting Ukraine

An artist is showing that a small gesture can make a big impact.

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Artist Carol Adams from Southington does unique work. Start with what she uses for a canvas.

"I got into a thing of painting rocks. What I paint is an expression of what I love. Plants, animals and causes," Adams said.

Concerned about the war in Ukraine, Adams got to work, dipping into blue and yellow paint to write messages of hope and support.

"I didn't expect anything to happen, but I just wanted to feel like I was supporting Ukrainians and making a statement that I'm standing by them. It isn't right what they're going through," Adams said.

And she didn't create just one rock display, but about six. They're placed on well-traveled walking and biking paths and at her local dog park in Southington.

That's how it led to an anonymous letter that was left at one of her sites. 

"My husband has noticed an envelope enclosed in a baggie," Adams said.

The letter is addressed to "the kind soul who left these rocks in support of Ukraine." It doesn't name the sender but shares that he or she recently helped Ukrainian refugees near Poland.

"It was a life-changing experience, and one I'm still recovering from emotionally," Adams read. "I was filled with joy after seeing your rocks and shared a picture of it with some Ukrainian friends. Your small gesture has reached around the world." 

But the letter came with more than kind words and a thank you.

"Please accept this small rock found in Ukrainian soil as a small token of thanks. As long as you have it, Putin cannot," Adams read.

The letter has gained attention on social media with hundreds of reactions and a number of comments, people moved by it and motivated to help out.

Like her rocks, Adams sells painted bird houses and donates all proceeds to organizations that help Ukraine. After noticing her work online, Jill DeMaria placed an order.

"It hits home for me because my son has grown up with his very best friend and his family who came over from Ukraine," DeMaria said. "My son and I both thought we would contribute to this and give them the bird house as a gift, just to show our support."

An act of kindness that keeps on giving.

"I wish that I could meet this person and thank them for their efforts to go on the other side of the world and help out like that," Adams said.

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