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Southington Day Care Owner Looks After Children of Essential Workers

At her home day care, Gloria Dorau is caring for the children of essential employees like first responders and pharmacy employees.

NBC Connecticut

This Tuesday was off to a busy start for Gloria Dorau, tending to the group of energetic little people left in her care.  Her home day care is especially important right now because most of the kids are the children front line workers in the coronavirus crisis.

“I don’t think twice about it because this is what I’ve always done.  I’ve always watched teachers’ children or police officers or firefighters,” said Dorau, who has run her day care for two decades. 

Currently, she’s caring for the kids of Connecticut State Police, members of fire departments and the Department of Correction, along with town officials and a pharmacy employee. 

Gloria says she makes a point to keep the kids happy and having fun with all kinds of daily activities, knowing what their parents are enduring to keep things going for all of us right now.

“I want them tired so when the children go home to them, they’ll go to bed relatively early so that they can destress as well.  Because they’re all putting in well over their normal amount of time” she said. 

State trooper Christine Jeltema, whose husband is also with the State Police, has three kids at Gloria’s day care.  She says knowing her little ones have a loving place to learn and spend their days is a huge relief.

“Parents in general, we’re not teachers.  So that’s a big stress for some people especially if they’re still working from home.  It’s like another home for my children.  We are so thankful for this, for her,” said Trooper Jeltema. 

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