Southington School Nurses to Administer Narcan

Southington school nurses will now be able to administer the life-saving drug Narcan, which is used to reverse the effects of an opioid overdose. 

People here in Southington said they recognize that heroin is a problem in their community-- like everywhere else in the country-- and they're happy to see their school district being proactive to save lives.

“I have a nephew who died of a drug overdose so the moment he passed on, we drilled it into our kids,” Kristin Ramey, a Southington mother of three, said. “We've been talking to our kids about it since they were little.”

Ramey said the conversation about drug use is a personal one. That's why she and others were happy to learn Narcan will be able to be administered by school nurses at Southington High School and middle schools.

Narcan is becoming more of a necessity every day as the heroin epidemic continues to grow.

“We have had to use it on several occasions over the last year in different areas of town,” Lieutenant Michael Baribault of the Southington Police Department said.

Southington High School 11th grader, Sarah Goldstein, knows the devastation opioids can cause.

“I know that it's very addictive and it can start from other drugs like if someone has surgery or something,” said Goldstein.

Goldstein said she learned about it in her health class and now she feels relieved the school is not only just teaching about how to stay away from drugs and save lives, they are making it easier to do so.

“I think it's really good that they're stepping up and doing something about it and maybe other schools will follow when they see that it is something that could prevent people from losing their lives,” said Goldstein.

Southington Board of Education officials said the school nurses will get formal training on how to administer Narcan. They add, it will be an option for Southington Catholic school where the school system has a nurse that services that building.

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