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Southington Soup Kitchen Welcomes Federal Workers

For more than three decades Bread for Life has welcomed in those facing tough times. With the help of donations and volunteers, they serve seven hot meals a week in Southington, make deliveries to those who are homebound, and serve group lunches to seniors living in poverty.

"This is what we do every day of the year. We are here when people are in need," said Bread for Life Executive Director Donna Ayer.

With the government shutdown dragging on, Southington's soup kitchen wanted to make sure federal workers who may be struggling to make ends meet know that they're welcomed too.

"If any other business or corporation shut down and people were out of work in our community, they would be welcome here," said Ayer. "Federal workers are having a difficult time now, so like we would do for anybody, we open our doors and roll up our sleeves and give them a helping hand."

If a hot meal isn't what federal employees need, Director of Operations Missy Cipriano says they can bag up some items for them to take home instead.

"If you don't need the hot meal but you need the staples, whether it's cereal or soup or anything to get by, we have some items that can help you to make a meal. We don't want anybody to go hungry in our community," said Cipriano.

Cipriano says the overwhelming majority of items that come through their doors are donated and most of the people helping are volunteers. Cipriano says organizations, individuals, and companies all reaching out to help those in need says a lot about the communities here.

"We work together, we fix, we help, we love on each other. And it helps build a better community, society, and country. That's what it says. We're doing what makes us better," said Cipriano.

If you'd like to learn more about Bread for Life or help out, you can click here. You can also call 860-276-8389. 

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