Southington Woman Wants Changes After Multiple Crashes Near Her Home

Crash data from Southington police does show about one crash a year in the area, dating back to 2015.

A Southington homeowner is calling for changes on her street after a driver came within yards of crashing into her home Friday morning.

“It’s very scary,” said Maddalena Parillo. “Now I feel very unsafe in my own house.”

Around 7 a.m. a driver lost control on Berlin Avenue, plowed through her fence and ended up right in her yard.

“A big loud noise, and I knew this had happened again,” Parillo said. “Luckily this time we didn’t get hurt because it was 10 feet away from my bedroom.”

She said she’s concerned about the curve on her street because this crash is not the first one.

“They speed and people don’t pay attention,” she said. “It’s happened on average, about once a year, and I’ve lived here since 1973.”

We checked with Southington police, and looking at recent crash data dating back to 2015, there has been about one crash per year in the area.

Parillo said she’s done what she can to prevent crashed, but now more needs to be done.

“I put up a fence. I bought rocks and put big rocks here. Then there was another accident and then the fence was down, so we re-fenced again. I would like to see a guardrail or either a stop sign or a sign that says cautious curve—anything will help.”

No one was hurt in this most recent crash. It’s not clear if the driver will face any citations.

Southington police say they will take a close look at Berlin Avenue to see if anything can be done to make it safer.

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