Southwest Launches Investigation Over Kensington Woman's Complaint Of Unfair Treatment

Amanda Somerset relies on a wheelchair, cane and her daughter to get around because of a debilitating accident.

Amanda Somerset reached out to NBC Connecticut Responds after she says Southwest Airlines refused to help transport her from the airlines boarding gate to the jet bridge during her flight connection from Hartford to Baltimore.

The Kensington resident relies on a wheelchair, cane and her daughter to get around because of a debilitating accident.

“It’s been frustrating,” Somerset said. What’s even more frustrating for Somerset, is a recent situation she experienced with Southwest airlines.

“My daughter and I looked for the wheelchair for someone to come and wheel us down to security into the gate. And no one ever showed up.”

So, Somerset’s daughter ended up helping her mom through security, despite Somerset’s request for assistance. When she went to make her connecting flight in Baltimore to Raleigh, North Carolina, Somerset said a gate agent told her there was no one to help her.

“I can’t push you down and no one else can push you. Can you walk?” Somerset claims the agent said.

Somerset replied: “I had the cane next me and, I said, “not really.”

According to Somerset, the agent insisted: “Well, you need to get up and walk down the jet way.”

“I said, ‘well, I hope I don’t fall,’ added Somerset. She said she’s never experienced something like this before.

She expressed her concerns to Southwest airlines, asked for a full refund and was offered a $200 travel voucher.

“I just didn’t feel that was right,” said Somerset. So, she turned to NBC Connecticut Responds.

Southwest airlines released this statement which reads in part:

“We take allegations like these seriously and we will take appropriate actions should there be any concerns with the results of our internal review. To accentuate our apologies, we have offered a $200 voucher good to use toward future travel on Southwest Airlines.”

Somerset received a letter from Southwest apologizing for the situation and the airlines issued an additional $200 voucher for her daughter.

“You’re the best news station that can get the job done,” she told NBC Connecticut Responds.

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