Jacksons Order Up 144 of Michael's Favorite Doughnuts

With the Jackson family mourning the loss of the King of Pop, some fried treats from Connecticut will be a bittersweet reminder of their dearly departed.

One of the family’s favorite indulgences -- of the edible variety -- is Market Restaurant’s ricotta doughnuts, 144 of which were sent to California earlier this week to be there in time for Michael Jackson’s memorial service Thursday in Glendale.

The desserts, which are fried in grape seed oil, were packed up Tuesday, placed in dry ice and sent to the family.

"We dry them off and then we dust them with a little brown sugar and cinnamon," Alfonso D'Onofrio, a chef at the Stamford Market Restaurant, said. "It's served with a Cognac-infused creme Anglaise sauce."

The sweet treats are then topped with crushed amaretti, according to the menu.

An order of five doughnuts sells for $8. The Jacksons’ bill was about $250, before shipping and handling.

Jackson is scheduled to be interred at a mausoleum at Forest Lawn-Glendale, just north of downtown Los Angeles. 

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