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Spirit Airlines Passengers at Bradley Airport Find Flights Canceled

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People at Bradley International Airport who were planning to fly on Spirit Airlines Wednesday had issues with their flights being canceled and the airline said they are working to find solutions.

“Got up at 3:30 in the morning, come here at 5 and everything is canceled,” Miledy Marmol, of Plainville, said.  

Marmol booked a flight on Spirit Airlines to head to Orlando for a conference, checked her flight late last night and everything was on time.

This morning, it was a different story,

While she’s been booked on another flight, it’s costing her more than just time.

“We have a rental, we have a hotel, we rent a car, we pay for a conference. They are not responsible to reimburse all those expenses, so what is our protection as the consumer”: she said.  

Tim Court, of Scottsdale, said he arrived at the airport, checked his bags, then learned his flight was moved to tomorrow.  

“For me, it’s massive. It’s extremely expensive,” he said.  

Court said Spirit Airlines canceled his flight and he moved to American Airlines.

“We rely on the airlines to be accountable for what they say they can do,” he said.  

He said he works for Icon Motor Sports, which installs vertical doors on cars throughout the world, and it can cost thousands of dollars a day when they have to cancel on customers.

The issue is not an isolated one NBC News reported on flight cancelations on Tuesday.

Spirit Airlines said in a statement to NBC News that they have dealt with “overlapping operational challenges including weather, system outages and staffing shortages that caused widespread irregularities in our operation and impacted crew scheduling.”

They said they are working around the clock to get passengers where they need to be.

 “After working through yesterday’s proactive cancellations, we’ve implemented a more thorough reboot of the network, allowing us to reassign our crews more efficiently and restore the network faster. As a result, cancellation numbers will progressively drop in the days to come,” the statement says.

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