Spring Brings Seasonal Allergies

We finally have Spring-like weather, but that means seasonal allergies are here too. 

“When I start seeing the pollen on the car, then I know that I am going to just start getting congested and just start blowing the nose like everybody else does. Some coughing, the usual stuff, so you take the over-the-counter stuff and you can still end up here on the reservoir and enjoy the day,” Tom Vesci said as he enjoyed the nice weather on Tuesday in Avon. 

Doctors from Hartford Healthcare, such as the ones at GoHealth Urgent Care in Avon, said they expect more people to be coming in with the seasonal sniffles. 

“This is just the start of it. Once the trees start blooming, we will start seeing some allergies associated with the pollen and other environmental allergens that are out there,” Dr. Maurice DeFina, the interim medical director at GoHealth in Avon, said. 

If you’re enjoying the weather and notice yourself with nasal congestion, itchy and watery eyes, even a sore throat or a cough, then it is time to see a doctor. 

“There are over-the-counter treatments for this. Antihistamines would be the most common forms to help with the congestion - runny nose, itchy watery eyes and things like that. There's a lot prescription medications, steroid medications that can help prevent these symptoms,” Dr. DeFina said. 

Doctors said allergies can develop, even if you never had them before. If people have symptoms and wait too long before getting help or taking medicine, they can get sick. 

“You can get nasal congestion that builds up over time and that congestion can develop in your sinus cavities as well. If there's no good way for those sinus cavities to drain, you can develop a sinus infection,” DeFina said. 

Some people said spring is just worth it. 

“The Springtime is always worth it. You know, getting outside, even if it's a little bit of allergies - it's wonderful,” Emily Tyksinsky, of Hartford, said.

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