Flood Warning in Effect for Parts of Connecticut River

Flooding from the Connecticut River has forced the temporary closure of two ferries and required some roads to be blocked off.

A flood warning is in effect for parts of the Connecticut River.

“I’ve been noticing the water rise up for the last couple of days,” Jon Sansabrino of Rocky Hill, said.

From an apartment by the Connecticut River, Sansabrino watched the water creep closer to homes and a business in Rocky Hill.

“I started wondering is the water going to get into the basement? You know. There’s a restaurant over here,” Sansabrino said.

For now the river’s expansion is more of a photo op than causing any major problems.

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“I wanted to see the level of the water. I wanted to see what was going on,” Paul Dattilio of Rocky Hill, said.

The rising level is forcing some changes.

The Connecticut Department of Transportation reports there is a temporary closure of the ferry between Rocky Hill and Glastonbury, as well as the Chester-Hadlyme Ferry, because of high water.

“This is fairly unusual. You don’t see it like this too often,” Joseph Wainwright of Rocky Hill, said.

“This time of the year it’s pretty typical the water is going to come up and we’re going to get this flooding. This is a little more than I’ve seen in quite a few years,” Dattilio said.

In Cromwell, drivers found part of River Road closed, as was a stretch of Route 17A in Portland.

And in Middletown, people discovered a much closer riverfront experience as the river flowed through part of Harbor Park and also impacted the marina.

We’re still below moderate flood levels.

The National Weather Service is predicting the Connecticut River will stay roughly this high at least through the weekend.

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