Stabbing Victim's Family Thanks Police for Quick Arrest

New Haven Police have charged Semmion Watson with Sunday's stabbing death of Anthony Stevenson

The Stevenson family won't have to wait any longer for police to find their son’s alleged killer.

“Every morning you wake up, will they get him today or no?” said John Stevenson, who lost his son, Anthony Stevenson, 49.

Just 36 hours after Anthony Stevenson was found stabbed to death inside a Spring Street apartment, police arrested 44-year-old Semmion Watson.

“I thank you all for doing this quickly. I thank you for the diligence, and as I said before, I thank you for the compassion and the respect you've all shown us,” said Roselyn McKinnie, who is Anthony Stevenson’s sister.

Watson was arrested Monday afternoon by Officer Joe Roberts, who was on patrol near Sherman Avenue.

“He found our suspect, put the handcuffs on our suspect and brought this family justice through his good eyes and his strong hands,” said New Haven Police Chief Dean Esserman.

Police had been looking for Watson since Sunday morning, because it was his apartment where Stevenson was found.

“We believe there was an argument between people who knew each other,” said Assistant Police Chief Archie Generoso.

In addition to making this arrest, police are also looking into their own conduct during this investigation, specifically if anything could have been done when Stevenson called 911 on Saturday night reporting he'd been stabbed. He didn't give an exact address, and although officers searched the area and tried to locate him through his cell phone, he wasn't found until Sunday morning when another 911 caller reported seeing a body.

“We're critiquing this incident and we're going to find out if, in fact, we could have done anything else,” said Generoso.

Watson is currently in the hospital. He will be arraigned in New Haven Superior Court when he is released.

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