Stadium Authority Raises Concern Over Yard Goat Stadium Completion

The stadium authority has raised some concern over the Hartford's Yard Goats stadium being completed by May 17, like developers promised. 

The city's mayor Luke Bronin said he is putting the pressure on the builders but he's still skeptical about the project after a meeting with the stadium authority

"They are pushing up against a tight deadline right now," Bronin said.

"I'm hopeful that they will be able to get in there and play but I'm not predicting the future and never have predicted the future when they tell us that they're done and we get in there and inspect and we see a completed stadium we will hand it over to the team."

In January, Bronin announced that he came up with a plan to close the $10 million hole in construction costs with $5.5 million of taxpayer money, $2.3 million from the developer, while $2 million from the Hartford Yard Goats, the team that will play in the stadium.

The team's owner, Josh Solomon, said he was "hopeful" that the ballpark will be done by May 17:

"We are hopeful that the ballpark can be delivered to the team by May 17. When the city communicates to us that substantial completion has been met, we will move our operation to the stadium and bring to our great fans, sponsors and the greater Hartford community the best of minor league baseball."

The baseball team also announced in January that it would play its first 17 games on the road due to the delay in construction. Yard Goats won their first game ever against the Richmond Flying Squirrels in April. 

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