Stairway Sexual Attack at High School

Two Middletown High School students allegedly sexually assaulted a 15-year-old girl, a fellow student, on in a stairway after school hours just before Christmas break on Dec. 22. 

Lonzell Barnes, 18, and Reginald Allen, Jr., 18, both of Middletown, are charged with first degree sexual assault.  Police released details of the attack Monday, January 12.

Barnes and Allen were arrested last week.  They are out on $35,000 bond and are scheduled to be arraigned on Friday.

Word of the arrests of the two seniors spread fast across campus.

"They're 18.  They're probably going to get accused for it, they're probably going to jail," said Janelle Bourne, a Middletown High student.  Another student, Katie Boudreau, said, "They didn't do it, or that's what they're saying so they're denying most of it." 

No officials from the school or Middletown police would comment on the arrests.  It's not clear whether school officials have notified parents of the incident.

Several students report that Barnes and Allen are no longer in school.

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