Stamford Americares Team Helps Nepal Earthquake Victims

A Connecticut organization is one of many groups helping victims of a massive earthquake in Nepal that has killed more than 3,700 people.

People at the Americares headquarters in Stamford began packaging supplies on Monday to send to the people in Nepal.

"We really do feel like we’re Connecticut’s outreach to the world," Michael Nyenhuis, president and CEO of AmeriCares, said. "This is what we do.  The heart of our work is responding to people in crisis." 

The earthquake destroyed many buildings, homes and infrastructures, leaving many survivors with almost nothing.

Americares has already deployed a team of 70 relief workers from the organization's India offices to Nepal.

The organization, founded in the 1980s, stocks emergency medicine and supplies needed to respond to a disaster in warehouses all over the world that can be deployed the moment an earthquake or other disaster strikes. 

"These are our neighbors in a sense.  They live far away, but they really are our neighbors. And the people of the United States, the people of Connecticut, have a long history of responding to crises around the world." Nyenhuis said.

The president of Americares said said the nonprofit is prepared to do what it can to help the people of Nepal and everyone in the earthquake's impact zone.

Americares is accepting donations through its website at

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