Stamford Announces New Parking Violation Device

Stamford city officials announced a new self-release wheel-clamp device that will enforce unpaid parking violations, according to the Department of Operations.

The SmartBoot device will replace the previous system of towing vehicles with outstanding parking violations.

Drivers with three or more outstanding violations, or over $250 in owed fees, will have a SmartBoot applied to their vehicle by a Stamford Traffic Violation Officer.

The device will immobilize the affected vehicle until all fines and fees have been paid.

People can pay fines and fees through a 24-hour, multi-lingual, customer help center accessible online or with a mobile device. The Department of Operations said that after everything has been paid, the help center will give drivers a six-digit code to put into an electronic keypad on the SmartBoot device to unlock it.

“This brightly-colored, self-releasing booting device will make parking enforcement easier in the city without taking up additional resources. This provides us with a firmer measure to collect unpaid parking tickets,” Transportation Bureau Chief James Travers said of the device.

Once the SmartBoot is removed, drivers are expected to return the device to the Cashiering and Permitting Office on the first floor of the Stamford Government Center.

Failure to return the SmartBoot can result in a charge of up to $500.

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